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‘Read This Great Book’

Among the more delightful challenges an author faces is deciding how to inscribe a book. “Best wishes,” seems nice, but generic. “Enjoy!” is fine, but impersonal. Just signing without a message feels somehow lacking. Last night I was contemplating that quandary at the beautiful Los Angeles launch party for Following Ezra. I was humbled and [...]

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My Three Sons

Today is the official day FOLLOWING EZRA is published. It’s been a long time in coming, and I’m grateful to many people for helping along the way. Today, I’d like to focus on two of them: Ezra’s brothers. I’ve always thought that one of Ezra’s greatest blessings is that he’s the middle of three brothers.  [...]

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‘Have You Been Writing This All Along?’

Many people have asked where the idea for Following Ezra came from. “Have you been writing this all along?” they ask. Yes and no. Since a few months before Ezra was diagnosed with autism at age three, I’ve been taking notes. Not for a book, but to figure this thing out, to try to understand [...]

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