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‘My daily dose of joy’

Reading a memoir, readers often surmise that there must be some part of the tale that the author left out, some additional material that was taken out to serve the larger point. A few times lately, interviewers—or, sometimes, acquaintances— have mentioned that I must have opted not to include some of the more difficult moments [...]

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‘Of Course I’m Sure’

I’ve been delighted to hear a wide spectrum of responses from people who have enjoyed Following Ezra. No matter what their perspective, many readers have the same question: “How did you remember all this stuff?” The truth is, I had some help. Like a lot of parents, I remember many incidents in my children’s lives [...]

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My Three Sons

Today is the official day FOLLOWING EZRA is published. It’s been a long time in coming, and I’m grateful to many people for helping along the way. Today, I’d like to focus on two of them: Ezra’s brothers. I’ve always thought that one of Ezra’s greatest blessings is that he’s the middle of three brothers.  [...]

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Kirkus Reviews: ‘Not the Average Medical Memoir’

Thanks to Kirkus Reviews for a wonderful review: A father celebrates his son’s differences and advises others on how to view autism as a parallel journey rather than a restrictive label. Chronicling son Ezra’s toddler years through his bar mitzvah, journalist Fields-Meyer approaches autism from a topical perspective, creating a loving tribute that favors “following” his [...]

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