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“Learning to Be the Right Parent For This Child”: a Q & A

In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, Priscilla Gillman, an author I admire,  gave me the opportunity to answer some questions about Ezra. Priscilla’s book The Anti-Romantic Child (out in paperback this week), is a wonderful and uplifting read blending of memoir and poetry. Priscilla posted in on her blog. I’m reposting here. Many thanks [...]

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The Last Red Day (and Other Memories)

When you go out and tell your story in public, you never know what people are going to ask. I was speaking in a bookstore in suburban Chicago the other day when an older woman in the front row raised her hand with a question. “Can you tell me about Ezra’s school?” she asked. I [...]

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‘I Don’t See People With Disabilities’

I’ve had a busy week. In six days, I’ve visited  four cities, with speaking engagements in Oakland, Los Gatos (Calif.), New York, and New Orleans. Travel can be both exhausting and exhilarating: Things happen that just don’t happen at home. On the New York subway, I ran into an old friend who lives in Vermont. [...]

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‘I Am Not Going to Grieve’

I’m guest blogging this week on Tavis Smiley’s PBS website, where you can find a version of this piece: —– How should parents react when they discover that a child faces significant challenges? When mothers and fathers learn that a young son or daughter suffers from a developmental disorder or serious illness, they find themselves [...]

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‘My daily dose of joy’

Reading a memoir, readers often surmise that there must be some part of the tale that the author left out, some additional material that was taken out to serve the larger point. A few times lately, interviewers—or, sometimes, acquaintances— have mentioned that I must have opted not to include some of the more difficult moments [...]

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