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The power of fun: A tribute to Dave Rabb

This essay appeared on the op-ed page of the Los Angeles Times on February 7, 2013. One morning 13 years ago, I brought my young son to a storefront children’s gym in Culver City. Ezra had recently been diagnosed with autism, and someone — a doctor or a therapist — had suggested that Dave Rabb [...]

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How’s the Book Doing? How’s the Boy Doing?

This week marks the first anniversary of Following Ezra’s publication. One of the questions people have been asking a lot lately is, “How’s the book doing?” They inquire in the way you might ask, “How’s your grandmother doing?” or, say, “How’s your wife?”—as if the book has a life of its own, heading out on [...]

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What a Barber Taught Me about Raising My Son

Autism Asperger’s Digest asked three fathers to reflect on the experience of raising a child with autism. Here’s my piece — adapted from Following Ezra — about some lessons I learned in an unlikely place:   People often ask me which of the many professionals my wife and I have consulted about our son Ezra [...]

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‘I Am Not Going to Grieve’

I’m guest blogging this week on Tavis Smiley’s PBS website, where you can find a version of this piece: —– How should parents react when they discover that a child faces significant challenges? When mothers and fathers learn that a young son or daughter suffers from a developmental disorder or serious illness, they find themselves [...]

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‘My daily dose of joy’

Reading a memoir, readers often surmise that there must be some part of the tale that the author left out, some additional material that was taken out to serve the larger point. A few times lately, interviewers—or, sometimes, acquaintances— have mentioned that I must have opted not to include some of the more difficult moments [...]

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