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“Learning to Be the Right Parent For This Child”: a Q & A

In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, Priscilla Gillman, an author I admire,  gave me the opportunity to answer some questions about Ezra. Priscilla’s book The Anti-Romantic Child (out in paperback this week), is a wonderful and uplifting read blending of memoir and poetry. Priscilla posted in on her blog. I’m reposting here. Many thanks [...]

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‘Do you have your books?’

I’m guest blogging this week on the Jewish Book Council Blog and Members of the Scribe. Here’s today’s post, on how Ezra derives comfort from some of his favorite books: Every Saturday morning, I ask my son Ezra the same question. As our family prepares to head out for the walk to synagogue, I stop Ezra [...]

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‘My daily dose of joy’

Reading a memoir, readers often surmise that there must be some part of the tale that the author left out, some additional material that was taken out to serve the larger point. A few times lately, interviewers—or, sometimes, acquaintances— have mentioned that I must have opted not to include some of the more difficult moments [...]

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Lions and Turtles and Lessons

In the autism world, everyone is talking about “The Lion King.” Why is a 14-year-old Broadway musical attracting such attention? Because on Sunday, it became the first Broadway show ever to offer a performance specially modified for children with autism. For me it brought back some memories. And maybe a lesson. Many children with autism [...]

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‘Of Course I’m Sure’

I’ve been delighted to hear a wide spectrum of responses from people who have enjoyed Following Ezra. No matter what their perspective, many readers have the same question: “How did you remember all this stuff?” The truth is, I had some help. Like a lot of parents, I remember many incidents in my children’s lives [...]

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