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Passions, Ivy, and Island Talents

I’ve spent the last few days traveling on the east coast, touring colleges with our oldest son, Ami, who’s a high school senior. Visit enough campuses and after a while, you see certain themes emerge. One I have noticed:  colleges want students who are passionate — about something. At one Ivy League university, I listened [...]

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What I Learned About Gumby—and My Son

Since the subtitle of Following Ezra refers to the what I learned about Gumby and otters, a lot of people have asked, “What, exactly, did you learn about Gumby?” A few have posed a more basic question: “What’s Gumby?” Let’s take the second question first: Gumby is a green clay-animated character who appeared on a [...]

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Lions and Turtles and Lessons

In the autism world, everyone is talking about “The Lion King.” Why is a 14-year-old Broadway musical attracting such attention? Because on Sunday, it became the first Broadway show ever to offer a performance specially modified for children with autism. For me it brought back some memories. And maybe a lesson. Many children with autism [...]

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