Generally positive

It’s been a remarkable week, with many things to celebrate.  Following Ezra officially hit bookstores, and I’ve been delighted by the response and the many opportunities to discuss the book and it’s larger messages in outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic’s website, and The New York Times parenting blog.

On the home front, our son Noam started eighth grade and was delighted with his new teachers and principal, and our son Ami ran a 9/11 commemoration at his school that was by all accounts beautiful and stirring.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from friends—old and new—about Following Ezra and the various excerpts they had seen.  One of my favorite moments was when I was on Facebook late last night and an instant message popped up: “Hi Tom! Is there going to be a sequel? I really loved the book. I read it in a day.” It was from Hillary, the now-15-year-old girl who befriended Ezra when he was in preschool and they were both around four. (She’s on page 55 of the book.)

Yesterday Ezra and I went searching for the new People magazine to try to find the review. We found it at a newsstand in the neighborhood, and we found our way to page 84, where there’s a review, with a photo of the two of us and a picture of the book’s cover.

“That’s me!” He said. “I’m in People magazine again!” (A bit of background I wrote a story about Ezra the appeared in People four years ago and became the seed of Following Ezra.) “I’ve been in People magazine twice now! Once in May of 2007 and once in September of 2011! That’s two times in one magazine for Ezra!”

It was as if most kids only get to be in People magazine once. Except for, you, you know, the Pitt kids.Or the Gosselins. (who happen to be on the cover of this issue.)

I had him read the review out loud. He stumbled over a few words—“breakthroughs,” “unexpectedly.” But he got the gist of the review. And he did notice that his book got three and a half stars, while the one next to it on the page (by a little known author named Jackie Collins) got three.

“Following Ezra was not panned,” he said. “It’s getting generally positive reviews. Generally positive, right Abba?” [Abba, Hebrew for Dad, is what he calls me.]

“Yep, Ez.”

“It was not panned at all, Abba” he repeated. “Generally positive.”

I had to agree

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