Boxes, Books, and Koalas

As usual, Ezra rose at dawn today to announce with excitement the arrival of a new month: “It’s September first! It’s the first day of September!”

Turns out  there’s even more to celebrate in our house than a new page on the calendar. This afternoon the UPS man arrived with our first shipment of FOLLOWING EZRA. Five heavy crates are sitting on our dining room table. Can’t wait to open them up and send the story out into the world.

First shipment of FOLLOWING EZRA
The boxes arrive.

The official release date is in just four days. To celebrate (and take advantage of  cooler weather and the waning days of summer vacation), Ezra and I went to the L.A. Zoo. As usual, he was captivated by the koalas. And he was surprised and delighted when one of the furry creatures stopped chewing on its eucalyptus leaves, shimmied down the tree trunk, and started ambling across the expanse of dirt.

The book!

“It’s on the ground!” he shouted so everyone could hear. “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a koala on the ground!” He kept going, still in shock and delight. “I’ve never seen a koala do that before! It was on the ground!” It was as if a hippo had suddenly sprouted wings and flown away.

A decade from now, I’m pretty sure he’ll remember this date, September 1, 2011 as the day he spotted a koala getting out of a tree and walking.

And which momentous event will I remember? It’s anybody’s guess.

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