‘A Very Good Book About Me.’

Our kids all returned yesterday from summer camp—a month for the younger two, nine weeks for our eldest, Ami, who was a counselor. They all love camp, so returning home brings (in addition to a lot of laundry) some mixed emotions. They get a home cooked meal, but then their parents have to remind them to clear their plates. How fun can that be?

Ezra returned with great stories about the friends he made, his favorite foods and his favorite activities—swimming, and the “buddy” tree, where the special-needs campers met their typical peer pals for activities. Oh, and the day their group got to go out of camp to see the Smurfs movie. Some things never change.

This morning I noticed him sitting quietly on the living room couch intently reading something and occasionally giggling. Then I realized what it was: He had spotted my advance copy of FOLLOWING EZRA and was scanning the pages.

“I remember that time!” he’d say occasionally. “Remember when I used to do that? But now I’m grown up.” Mostly he just read and sometimes smiled.

I can’t recall a time Ezra sat for so long, unprompted, reading a book that didn’t have pictures. I felt a little nervous watching. But after half an hour or so, I asked what he thought.

“It’s good!” he said. “It’s a very good book about me!”

Then he ran upstairs and put it away for now. When he came back down, he had a question:

“When can we visit the zoo?”

Things are getting back to normal.

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  1. Posted August 21, 2011 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    How fabulous that Ezra read and approved of the very good book about him!!! I know you have already received and will receive all sorts of positive comments about your book, but I doubt you will get any endorsement better than this one. Kol hakavod.

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