‘Booklist’ Review: ‘Sweet, Funny, Uplifting.’

Thanks to Booklist, the American Library Assocation’s book review journal, for a rave review of Following Ezra in its August issue. Online access requires membership, but here’s the full text:

In this sweet‭, ‬funny memoir about his son‭, ‬a former People magazine writer and editor manages to‭ ‬destigmatize autism better than any medical book has been able to do‭. ‬His son‭, ‬blessed with an amazing‭ ‬memory‭, ‬asks people for their date of birth‭, ‬then rapidly names a film released on that day‭: ‬‮“‬Movie-cameout‭-‬on-your-birthday-was‭ ‬‮‘‬Beauty and the Beast‭,‬‮’‬‭ ‬November 13‭, ‬1991‭.‬‮”‬‭ ‬But such anecdotes never get‭ ‬saccharine‭, ‬since Fields-Meyer also gives the not-always-happily-ever-after denouement‭, ‬in this case‭ ‬adding‭, ‬‮“‬The encounters are considerably less compelling when he discovers that an acquaintance was‭ ‬born in‭, ‬say‭, ‬mid-September or early January‭, ‬annual lulls in animated movie releases‭.‬‮”‬‭ ‬Another charming‭ ‬tidbit‭: ‬In his acknowledgments‭, ‬the author thanks his son for helping him pinpoint when an event occurred‭: ‬‮“‘‬That was in April of 2004‭,‬‮’‬‭ ‬he‮’‬d say‭, ‬‮‘‬a Sunday‭, ‬three weeks after the release of Disney‮’‬s‭ ‬‮‘‬Home on the‭ ‬Range‭.‬‮’‬‭ ‬If you ever consider writing a memoir‭, ‬I highly recommend enlisting the help of someone with a‭ ‬superhuman memory‭.‬‮”‬‭ ‬This is an uplifting book that can be highly recommended to parents of kids with‭ ‬autism‭. ‬– Karen Springen


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